Woodworking, and painting is our passion

Hello, We first opened this shop in 2010, but due to circumstances beyond our control we weren't able to keep it up at the time. So now we have reopened shop and intend to dedicate a lot of our time and effort into making it the best that it can be. My husband and I started working with wood about 15 years ago. We started building just a few things like paper towel holders, and a few other kitchen items and doing a couple of craft shows a year. I have always liked to draw, and paint ever since I was little and I have always been a huge animal lover. I got the ideal to start painting dogs on wooden welcome signs, and they did really well at the shows. I've also painted quiet a few over the years using people's photos of their pets. Now we do a lot more shows and I paint on just about everything we build, like bread boxes, recipe boxes, paper plate holders just to name a few. We are constantly coming up with new things to build. We have a lot of repeat customers at the shows we do, and we love it when they come and tell us how much they enjoy something that they have bought from us at a previous show. We always want to make our customers happy so they will come back. The same goes for this shop, we are dedicated to making our customers on here happy also.

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