We started out Woodcrafting as a hobby. We made a lot of stuff for family, and friends for gifts at Christmas, birthdays, etc. Then we did our first arts, and crafts show about 20 yrs. ago. It was just a small 3 day show in our little town where we live. After that first year we started adding more shows each year.

        My wife Teresa discovered Etsy in 2010, and opened up a shop, but didn't keep it up. She decided to try again in May of last year, and I am glad she did. Now we are doing less shows, and concentrating more on our Etsy shop. I have a full time job, but every spare minute I have, I'm in the shop building potato bins, tables, bread boxes, recipe boxes, etc, etc. Teresa spends her days staining, and painting what I've built. Right now we are trying to get ready for the anticipated Christmas rush, plus adding a couple new items.